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ep5. Freddie:

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tracklisting from the episode:


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Skins Season 1&2

Season 1
ep1. Tony:
ep2. Cassie:
ep3. Jal:
ep4. Chris:
ep5. Sid:
ep6. Maxxie & Anwar:
ep7. Michelle:
ep8. Effy:
ep9. Everyone:

Season 2
ep1. Tony and Maxxie:
ep2. Sketch:
ep3. Sid:
ep4. Michelle:
ep5. Chris:
ep6. Tony:
ep7. Effy:
ep8. Jal:
ep9. Cassie:
ep10. Everyone:

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Skins Season 3&4

Season 3

ep10. Cook,Effy & Freddie:

Season 4

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